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Updates and Important Information

We work every day to make our products better, the following provides some of the latest information regarding getting the most out of your stove

Tech Info

1. The green labeled cord on the black thermostat box is not to be used (it is designed for the ignitor which we do not sell with the stoves), please do not plug anything into this cord.

2. The power venter must be plugged directly into the wall outlet, this does not get plugged into the thermostat box, Your WMO-1 Safety Switch must be also plugged into the wall and your thermostat box plugged into that, this will ensure that your coal feed and combustion fan shuts down in the event of a power vent failure.  The Field Controls Super Lube is the only Manufacturer's recommended lubricant for your power venter, please ask your dealer about purchasing this oil at the time of Power Vent purchase.

3. Your stove will come complete with Instruction DVD, Fire Stop Ring and Instruction Manual, your Power Vent will come with an Instruction Manual and Maintenance Instructions.  If you do not receive these items please contact your dealer to get them.

4. The Econo Convection Fan is designed to run all the time, if your Coal-Trol has shut this fan down, contact your dealer to get instructions for keeping it running.  While lighting your Econo it is advisable to plug the convection fan into the wall outlet directly to ensure that it is running at full speed during this high heat event.

Our Latest News and Information:

The picture on the left shows the AA-220 boiler double pass heat flow, the drawing on the right is a close up view of the idle fire timer relay box found on the two boilers.

September 2011  We have completed the UL/CAN testing of the WL-110, AA-220 boilers and the AK-110, AK-220 hot air furnaces.  All units passed and we are in the process of developing the UL/CAN approved manuals and stickers.  We also completed UL testing of the SWG AF style power venters with centrifugal fans, these units require way less cleaning than the SWG HD style.  Ask your dealer abot these or contact us for more information.

March 2012  We have completed the preparation of brochures for the boilers and furnaces (finally!!), there is a link on the Boiler and Furnace Manuals page.

May 2012  We are currently working on a new stove model, the Pioneer 110, this unit will feature the Pocono burner and a 150 # hopper with all slanted sides and bottom.  The hopper will fit our regular pioneer stove models as well and is available now for purchase as an upgrade.

The new Pioneer 110 model stove pictured to the right will be UL tested this fall if all goes according to plan.  The hopper pictured is a prototype and is 1" taller than the production model will be (ther hopper lid will sit flush with the top of the stove).

August 2012  We completed the ETL Certification activities for the furnaces (to document them as UL compliant), the boilers and power vents should be complete within the next couple weeks.  Labels for the units should be available within a couple months.

August 2012  We are currently working on a "quiet Stove" package.  The kit will fit all existing stoves and features an extra quiet gearmotor, a slower speed combustion fan that is mounted via a coupling so as to isolate the noise and vibration.  These items are housed in an enclosure that keeps all the wires out out of the way providing a clean and tidey look to the back of the stove.  This package should be available in the next couple months both as an option on a new stove and as a retrofit kit for older models.

October 2012  The Labels for the Boilers and Furnaces are now available, certification activites for the new Type AF Power Vents have been completed.

December 2012  The Quiet Stove Packages are now available, dealers do not stock them yet but they can be delivered in one day notice.  The package includes a quiet gear motor, a slower speed quiet Combustion Fan, and a metal enclosure that covers the wires and provides a location to mount the Coal-Trol.  we have several of these Packages out there and the new quieter fan is now installed on all new 90,000 btu feeders.  Some have reported that the new fan does not produce as much combustion air, we have tested the outpout and they actually put out more air, so if you have a Quiet Package or one of the new fans and feel there is an issue please contact us immediately.

February 2013  The 60 CFM Combustion Fans found on the WL110 and AA220 Boilers have been found to be undersized in some installations, the symptoms are flames coming off the coal bed at full fire that are only 8 to 10" tall.  This issue first appeared during the colder weather in January.  Research using the 60 CFM fan showed that it needs to be replaced by a 65 CFM fan on some boilers (to ensure no issues we are shipping the larger fan with all new Boilers from now on).  The larger combustion fans bolt on in place of the old fans and need to be adjusted for proper over fire draft (the procedure is found here).  If you feel you have a under performing Combustion Fan contact your dealer and we can determine if you need a new larger fan.

July 2013  We are working on an outdoor boiler that is based on the AA220 unit and will be completely self contained with optional automatic ash removal and 2, 4 or 6 ton remote storage with automatic feed.  The first prototypes will be available in late August and will look similar to the sketch shown below.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping us test this new design as one of our first customers to purchase one.